This outstanding handcrafted collection was born out of the mutual love and respect for fine art in the form of jewellery. When it comes to self expression, the best way to do it is by adorning yourself with jewellery that stands out, and that is exactly why Damasca x Nicolas Estrada was born, they both prioritise standing out, being unique.


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The inspiration came from a time where we weren’t allowed to leave our houses and live our lives to the fullest, a time where we longed for freedom. Nicolas didn’t have the opportunity to visit his studio during lockdown, so he had to create a collection that reminded him of that freedom.

The liberty of feeling the wind coursing through your hair and face on a motorcycle, the connection of the elements, riding without a destination. The longing for this feeling created Black Engine.

During lockdown, it was a personal struggle for most having the beach so close by and not being able to swim in the warm waters, lay on the hot sands, and just generally enjoy all that Barcelona’s beaches have to offer. Due to how much he missed the beach, Estrada started reading classic childhood stories about pirates and buccaneers, and that is how Black Sea was born.

Within both themes, the thought of freedom really stands out, and there is nothing we’d want to endorse more than that idea. The concept Nicolas Estrada conveyed in his collection ties in perfectly with the core values of Damasca. A business that bases itself in peace, love and passion can not forget about freedom. Every piece of the Nicolas Estrada collection is meant to make you feel a certain way, and there is no business that knows the importance of that better than us.

Creative photography & Styling by:
Asiya Yasin


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