We are a Jewelry brand, unlike any jewellery brand in the industry, as young generation founders we believe that the future is brought through the technologies of blockchains, we at Damasca Jewels want to be the first in our industry to climb that ladder, and that is by innovating our industry through blockchain.

We have created our first NFT a short while ago, entering the metaverse to create and introduce our first virtual gallery shop, and finally to introduce our own Damasca (DMSCA) token.The main purpose of our initiative with our token is to encourage the industry in the near future to adapt their own currencies, and our second objective to make the brand sell with its own currency, where our customers can purchase our artistic pieces through different sales channels using DMSCA token.
We want to build a community, Damasca Community which will create its own culture, own rules, and values, which will reflect our token in the markets.

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