A Bracelet From Old Damascus.

I was eleven years old when I moved out from the city of Jasmine. It was crucial to me to leave my childhood memories behind, in Damascus.

After a few years when I was living in Qatar, I wanted to make a bracelet for my mother. I named the bracelet Damasca. That day I started making handmade bracelets.
Every Bracelet represented a place in Damascus, and each place in the city had a special memory. Moreover, each bracelet signifies a special memory of my childhood. Memories that are full of love, passion, and peace, which is what Damascus is all about.

A Few months ago, I took the decision to restart and reshape Damascajewels in order to represent our culture. To simply make Damascajewels the symbol that represents all cultures which values the equality between us, that values freedom and peace, that values the better us.
This is Damasca.

We are now a passionate team formed of six members based in Barcelona city. each member comes from a different part of the world, bringing along different values, beliefs, and different culture. Join our team and spread love.

Our Values


Love & Passion


The Founder

When I made the first bracelet of Damascajewels, I never wanted to sell the bracelet, I wanted to sell a real story behind every bracelet; a story that describes Damascus, the City of Jasmine.
Since then, the Damascajewels bracelet was never the same, it represented a story full of love, passion, and suspense.
A Bracelet from Old Damascus.

Halim Suleiman

Brand Partners