Damasca In The Metaverse

We are a brand unlike any brand in the industry – as the young generation founders, we believe that the future is brought through technologies and innovation. We at Damasca want to be the first in our industry to climb that ladder and that will be reached by innovating our industry through implementing blockchain.
Proudly Damasca is the first brand in the world to have its own crypto coin (DMSCA), the first to launch NFTs as authentication certificates for our artistic pieces and finally the first to have a virtual store gallery vision in the Metaverse.
The main purpose of our initiative with our token is to encourage the industry in the near future to adapt their own currencies, and our second objective is to make the brand sell with its own currency, where our customers can purchase our artistic pieces through different sales channels using DMSCA token. We want to build a community, Damasca Community which will create its own culture, own rules and values, which will reflect our token in the markets.

Damasca gallery in the Metaverse

Damasca Core



DMSCA COIN is the newest innovation at Damasca, we are proudly the first brand in the world to invent its own crypto coin-token.
For those who are driven and in love of todays innovation, we are giving you the chance to further learn about the blockchain merged with the luxuries sector, by offering our own DMSCA COIN, you will get to learn about new networks for crypto wallets, how to add our currency to your wallet and eventually receiving a 50-to-100 DMSCA COIN depending on the package you choose to your crypto wallet, and maybe in future DMSCA COIN will be rocking.