About Damasca

Naming our brand Damasca is the perfect homage to the world’s oldest capital, and the ultimate way to express our inspirations through our creations. This name is a tribute to the city where humanity was born, built, and where it never dies. Stories from different cultures endure through our creations. We aim to create timeless contemporary pieces inspired by the story of our ancestors, to be worn and inherited by generations.
Creating luxury through heritage.

Our Philosophy


Through our creations, we want to inspire a better world from our past world.


Love is our tool to open people heart, love is our tool to create the spirit of peace & equality.


Passion is our soul, the soul that is always loving the peace and equality between humans.

A Message From The Founders

“As the founder of Damasca, I wish for nothing more than for our supporters to find the same appreciation in our craftmanship as I have for the city I call home.
We are not just a brand, we are storytellers. We are Damasca.” – Halim Suleiman

” As a man who creates things, I aim to create the most creative pieces for our owners and collectors, meant to be kept forever ” – Yazan Enayeh

Halim & Yazan

Brand Partners