About DamascaJewels

DamascaJewels was founded in early 2015 by Halim Suleiman, a young man who transformed his passion for sharing stories about Damascus, his homeland, into authentic handmade jewelry.
DamascaJewels is the first brand on Earth promoted as ‘Made in Damascus’ city. Each collection by Damasca tells a unique story about Damascus, the city of Jasmine.
From cutting and crafting to precision and perfecting details, Damasca shows centuries of the passion and excellence Damascene jewelers’ have had in one box. With this, we allow the world to know us by our hearts.
Made on earth, with a Damascene spirit.

Our Values


Through our creations, we want to spread the spirit of peace & equality.


Love is our tool to open people heart, love is our tool to create the spirit of peace & equality.


Passion is our soul, the soul that is always loving the peace and equality between humans.

A Message From The Founder

With my childhood spent in Damascus and surrounded by its history, I have always wanted to do my part in contributing its gifts to the world. Among these gifts is the storytelling of the city’s past, and its rich cultural history with our Darmsûq collection.
As the founder of DamascaJewels, I wish for nothing more than for our supporters to find the same appreciation in our craftmanship as I have for the city I call home.
We are not just a brand, we are storytellers. We are Damasca.

Halim Suleiman

Brand Partners